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About us

We are company investing directly and indirectly
into different kind of projects.

We have experience, knowledge and network of contacts,
which allows us to expand our investments effective and fast.

We cooperate with people, who have ideas, passion
and strong motivation to acheive their goals.

If you are a person with such skills - we are looking forward to you!


Okna Plus

Okna Plus offer top class aluminium and PVC joinery. Particular emphasis is placed on ensuring high quality of our products, so our Customers can enjoy using them for years to come. Given our rich experience, we are eager to face unusual and challenging projects.

Our products include:

  • PVC and aluminium windows and doors,
  • Facades and winter gardens.

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We are present in the best entertaining place in centre of Warsaw.

Our restaurant create completely new restaurant concept - "comfort food". Orzo's menu contains i.a. meals based on groats and orzo pasta, for example: orzotto carbonara, orzo salad with shrimps and orzo burger. We've left a space for new meals: i.a. Prosciutto brodo ramen - italian soup with porchetta and carpaccio pizza.

We are present in:

Employment Agency

2life agency is recruiting employees for polish empoyers. We specialize in recruiting employees from Eastern Europe and Asia. We provide service called "employee leasing". 2life agency is dynamically growing up, servicing temporary as well as long-term emplyment to meet our clients needs..

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Agricultural Invests

We have focused our attention on food production as well. Our goal was to create self-sufficient food production network, therefore we have invested in modern agricultural buildings:

  • Poultry farm (our targets are 200 agricultural buildings, exisitng buildings are located e.g. in Kłonów, Klwów, Młodynie);
  • Fodder mixer (Pionki);
  • Slaughterhouse (Radom)


SmartLife Systems is an IT company which main goal is to design cutting-edge technologies i.e. solutions improving quality of user's life and health. Our skilled enginners specialize in AI and big data analisys.

One of our projects is LifeUpp - application created to make advices for user based on current health parameters to improve his comfort and condition.

Currently we bring to market Kodi - an interactive toy equipped with an artificial intelligence.

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Sharelock is the first application created to secure financial transactions. You can use it in many situations, i.e.

  • Domestic and international transactions
  • Purchase a high value products
  • Transactions with COD payment and expensive delivery, such as real estate

Main advantages of Sherlock are i.e. it can be used from any place on Earth, users can rate themselves to improve their reliability and above all it provide security transaction at low cost.

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Datter is our next application. In this case we've created app for lonely people interested in online dating. This application have a big advantage: it reduces the amount of endless chatting from both sides, which ends up with no date at all. Datter is safe - you are 100% sure, that you are chatting with a real person.



Miklewski.com.pl is specialised in design and building warehouses made of steel. We stand out with individual approach for designing projects and using highest quality materials. Additionally, customer receive 36-month guarantee for construction durability.

We are able to prepare optimal price offer based on mutual architectural conception or construction project.

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This company helps us to invest in polish agrocultural fields for further managing or re-sale.

At this moment we own around 10 ha field.

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